PracticePlanet is a dynamic online test practice program that raises tests scores by giving students practice on test taking strategies and continuously refreshing their memory on the skills that will appear on their high stakes state tests.

Alabama PracticePlanet assessment questions are aligned to the Alabama Content Standards, which were published or approved on:

  • Language Arts - 2007, Math - 2003

Alabama's PracticePlanet test items are intended to help students prepare for the Alabama Reading and Math Test (ARMT), focusing on the following subjects and grades:

  • Language Arts Grades 3-8, Math Grades 3-8

Alabama PracticePlanet's correlation was completed using the Alabama Content Standards, which can be accessed at:

Why is PracticePlanet’s Alabama Reading and Math Test Practice Effective?

  • Targeted Practice: Aligned to the Alabama Content Standards
  • Repetition: Provides repeated exposure to specific content
  • Skill Retention: Aids in recalling skills
  • Test Performance Strengthening: Reduces the stress of retrieving information
  • Progress Monitoring: Provides pre- and posttests that measure students’ progress
  • Performance-based Content: Gives positive reinforcement for achieving skill mastery
  • Engages Students: Encourages students, through gaming, to attain better test and practice scores without interfering with time-on-task

What are the Advantages of PracticePlanet’s Data Aggregation System?

  • Instant Data: Manages student data automatically
  • Critical Results: Provides results crucial to individualized intervention and classroom instruction
  • Real-Time Progress: Keeps students up-to-date on how they are doing
  • Performance Predictions: Suggests how students will perform on the ARMT
  • ARMT Skill Performance Overview: Shows which ARMT-aligned skills students should focus on with easy-to-use reports

What Does PracticePlanet’s Efficient Management System and Online Accessibility Offer?

  • More Time: Frees up class time for content instruction
  • Customized Learning Environments: Allows educators to choose the amount of time spent on tests, practice, and games
  • Parental Involvement: Gives parents access to their child’s data at home
  • Flexibility: Provides access to practice anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection

Correlation Update: In progress