The Top Ten Reasons to Practice Online


#10 Students can take a break from instant messaging and visiting the same old sites. They’ll learn to set priorities and make the most of computer time—and get smarter at the same time!

#9 Low Stress! Online practice means no workbooks, no on-site classes, and no special installations. Students can work at their own pace.

#8 Make the best use of schools’ technology! Online practice programs take advantage of engaging, interactive media that motivate students to focus and explore.

#7 Web-based practice is economical. An online program like PracticePlanet is easy on your school’s budget.

#6 Teachers can teach the good stuff. Using an online practice program may free up class time, so a teacher can have more time to teach content and help students develop critical thinking skills.

#5 Keep tests fair. Practicing online “levels the playing field” by helping struggling students develop the same skills that their more “test-wise” classmates possess.

#4 Test practice makes good sense. Students in grades 3 through 9 can enjoy the same kinds of benefits as 11th and 12th graders who have boosted their SAT and ACT scores with test prep resources.

#3 A standardized test is not an 800-pound gorilla. Online practice builds confidence, reduces anxiety, and helps students keep test day in perspective.

#2 Strategic thinking carries over. Practicing online is not just about becoming a more skillful test-taker. If a student learns to think strategically about a test, he or she has the tools to think strategically about critical day-to-day tasks, too.

And the Number 1 reason to prepare for a test using PracticePlanet…

#1 All students deserve to be at their best for every test! Practicing online will keep your students sharp and ready when it counts